First step

Choose a product 

From T-shirts to Hoodies and to Long sleeves shirt. It is a this step that you choose the garment where your art will be printed on, so make sure you pick the right one. If you want to see what your art would look like on a t-shirt, but you change ideas, you can save your design for later and next time it will be good to go.


Second step

 Create or upload design

Now’s the chance for your artistic side to shine. If you already know what you want, then upload your image to our design tool so it can be previewed. If you need inspiration, then hop on to our design tool, start experimenting, and get creative.



Third step

Time to checkout

Just a couple more details to be taken care of before checkout is complete. Once you’re happy with the design, let us know the quantity you want and how you’ll be paying. With this info, your work is done. Now we’ll start printing, packing, and shipping.





How to use the Custom Lab?

1. How to customize your garment


2. Background remover

If you need to remove to background of one of your image. This is the website we advocate : online background remover

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